Workshop Update.

Due to unprecedented demand, our service department is currently booked out for the next two weeks. At this time, we can only take bookings as we do not have the space to store every bike due to be serviced. We don’t mind if you drop it in a day or two prior to your booking date. And like always, we promise to have the work completed by 4pm on the day your bike is booked in.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. It means a lot that you want us to work on your bike, and we don’t want to let you down. We are working hard to maintain a high level of quality work on your precious bikes. Our concern is that if we are forced to rush through work to accommodate everybody, we will turn out shoddy work and customers won’t come back, or even worse, get injured. We pride ourselves on being willing to work on all types of bikes. On any day the work stands can have $50 bikes and $10,000 bikes being worked on right next to each other. It is our hope that our focus on quality workmanship will make your wait for a bike service worthwhile.

If you’d like to make a booking, we can be reached in many ways.

Phone: (08) 387 3708



twitter: @wembleycycles

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